Esterle & John Cobourn

Obituary for Esterle and John Marschall Cobourn

Esterle G Cobourn, 84, a resident of Waukegan, Illinois of over 60 years passed away on December 31, 2017 peacefully at home in her sleep. She was predeceased by her beloved husband, John Marschall Cobourn, 84, who passed away the same year on January 8, 2017. They raised two children, Paul Diamond (wife Marla) of Wadsworth, Illinois and Sandee Hunt (husband Philip) of Grayslake, Illinois.  They were blessed with three grandchildren, Christopher Diamond (wife Julie) of Lake Forest Illinois, Michael Diamond of Wadsworth, Illinois and Zachary Diamond of Wadsworth, Illinois, and Sprinkles, one of their many beloved dogs.

Esterle was born on July 27, 1933 in the City of Chicago and spent her childhood in the Southshore Neighborhood. She later attended the University of Illinois in Champaign Illinois.  John Marschall was born on May 28, 1932 and grew up in the City of Martinsburg, West Virginia. He later attended Syracuse University in New York where he received a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Esterle was a career business woman. As a Mortgage Professional, Esterle was the Mortgage Queen. Beginning her career in the 1960’s, as a professional business woman in a leadership role, Esterle was a trendsetter, setting the stage for other woman in the business world. Not only a trendsetter, she was a mentor over her 50 plus year career, including mentoring her son and grandsons. At the age of 84, she still maintained an office the Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation Gurnee Office and frequently spent time there where past clients often came to visit her.  She loved her customers, and they loved her. She had the uncanny knack to make everyone feel special. Esterle was a faithful, avid dog lover, cherishing the many dogs she had over the years. Eccentric, flair, fashion, fun, friendly, intelligent, spirited, social, and driven are words that defined her.   

John Marschall loved to golf and loved the Glen Flora Country Club where he and Esterle flourished as members for over 50 year. While he enjoyed a successful professional career in industry and business with notable employers like Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and Cherry Electric Company, golfing was his true passion. He loved their second home on the Atlantis Golf and Country Club course in Atlantis, Florida where even at the age of 84, he continued to play three rounds a week with his golfing companions. Like his wife Esterle, he was an avid dog lover and could often be seen walking the dog whether rain, snow, or wind. He was an Army Veteran who served in Germany after World War II.  Concentration, detailed, focused, precise, intelligent, compassionate, competitive, and logical are words that defined him.

The two of them together were opposites that balanced each other, raising a loving family, and living vibrantly to the age of 84.  

Burial will be private at Rose Hill Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.  

On January 18, 2018, there will be a Celebration of Life for John M and Esterle G Cobourn at the Deerpath Inn from 6:00 to 9:00.  The Deerpath Inn is located at 255 East Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL